Welcome to WindExpress.com

WindExpress Global Direct is a new company that brings a new concept to the world of wind powered recreation.

Our philosophy is to work with the best brands in the world to provide factory-direct pricing and factory-direct shipping. We deliver straight from the source of manufacturing, and ship "direct" to your doorstep.

In a world of ever changing opportunities, we feel that the time for a global direct distribution model has come. We can now put high-quality recreational products into your hands, without the multiple markups typically charged with traditional distribution models. No double shipping, no additional warehousing: WindExpress ships it straight from the factory which creates a massive cost saving that we pass directly to our customers!

The companies represented by WindExpress are the leaders of the industry. We demand the highest quality in manufacture and design, using state-of-the-art R&D and materials. Our products are not "cheap knock offs" by any means. Every company we work with has their own independent design and testing teams, and uses their own exclusive technology in their products. They also must maintain their own independent and reliable customer service and support. We take pride in the companies and products we represent.

At WindExpress our goal is simple: Grow the wind-powered recreation industry by making the sports we love more affordable, safer, and more accessible.

Contact Information:

For help with an order, and other customer service questions, please email customerservice@windexpress.com or Skype "windexpservice".

For sales assistance, email sales@windexpress.com

Accounting accounting@windexpress.com

General questions and comments can be sent to info@windexpress.com

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